4 Dermatologist-Approved Ways for Treating an Uneven Skin Tone


Identify The Problem and Select The Right Cream

Not all dark spots are created equal: They stem from three sources. UV exposure can trigger a growth of excess skin cells called solar lentigo, aka sun spots, liver spots, or age spots. The cells, pigmented with melanin, cluster together, forming a circular mark a few shades deeper than your skin tone. Estrogen fluctuations due to pregnancy or birth control pills stimulate melanocyte cells to work overtime and create melasma, unwanted pools of melanin in the skin; unlike sun spots, these patches don’t stay confined to a nice circle. And injuries such as a curling-iron burn or a swollen pimple can also jump-start melanin production (especially in Asian, Hispanic, or Black skin), leaving a stubborn mark called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

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