Area Man Nails Audition to Be an ASOS Video Model


A fashion disruptor is among us. Meet Andrew Cushing, a Brooklyn-based creative director who just released an incredibly dead-on audition tape to be a video models for ASOS. Kendall Jenner, or the model ASOS books that looks just like her, is at home shaking.

Supermodel Cushing somehow captures the aloofness of a human who doesn’t want to be on set paired nicely with the unique strut of somehow not comfortable in their own body. It’s an ASOS video model signature that’s not easily copied.

But it’s really his facial expressions that capture what we’re all thinking. “This video seems pointless?, Who watches these anyway?, Why am I here?, What is my purpose? Should Clay have won the first season of American Idol over Ruben?”

Soon-to-be fashion superstar Cushing ends the video with a small tease to the camera and a look of “Is that thing still on?” and “Did I just change the modeling industry forever?”

Tyra Banks is smizing somewhere, Naomi Campbell just threw a phone in disbelief, and Karlie Kloss coded a new algorithm in excitement. Your move, ASOS.

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