Ariana Grande Just Got a Savage Anti Valentine’s Day Manicure


In case her new album full of ex-boyfriend easter eggs didn’t make it clear enough, let it be known that Ariana Grande isn’t looking for love—not even on Valentine’s Day.

The singer posted to her Instagram story today to share a shot of her hilarious anti V-Day manicure. In the video, Grande first shows her friend Alexa Luria’s sweatheart-inspired nails saying, “Aw, so sick. Nice Valentine’s Day nails, Alexa. They’re so cute.”



Grande then pans to her own, ever so slightly more sadistic (but still chic) mani: The word “nah” written in all caps on a canvas of “Thank U, Next” pink.



Look closely at Grande’s nails and you’ll notice that controversial little tattoo is still on her palm. Following all of the success of her single “7 Rings” Grande wanted to get the word “7 Rings” written out in Japanese characters for her next tattoo. But the singer made a mistake and accidentally had the word for “Japanese charcoal grill” tattooed onto her hand. Then when she went to correct the ink (with help from a friend who speaks the language), Grande messed up again and had the words “Japanese barbecue finger” penned onto her palm, as BuzzFeed’s Eimi Yamamitsu pointed out.

Grande was reportedly offered a $1.5 million sponsored content deal with a laser removal studio that would require her to make multiple posts about the laser removal process to her Instagram over the course of the next year, but Grande’s rep Scooter Braun denied ever receiving word of such an offer. Looks like Japanese barbecue finger stays for now!

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