Ask E. Jean: How Old Is Too Old for Me to Date?

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Dear E. Jean: I’m in LOVE! He’s a member of a huge, superfamous ’60s singing group. He’s in his sixties, and I’m in my very early twenties. My family disapproves because his kids are twice my age. Should I follow my heart?

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From E. Jean: Yes! Enjoy him! And if he happens to be a Temptation, a Kink, or a Monkee, when he withers with age to the size of a pet rhesus, send him to Auntie Eeee. Aristocratic Spanish ladies once carried monkeys (not Monkees) on their shoulders to make themselves look more bewitching by comparison.

This letter is from the Ask E. Jean Archive, 1993-2017. Send questions to E. Jean at

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