Crush Your 2019 Fitness Goals With This 30-Day Total-Body Challenge


So you fell off the fitness wagon. It’s OK! You just need to find a little motivation to get going, and this 30-day challenge is just the thing to encourage you to move every single day.

This challenge takes less than 15 minutes each day, but it’s meant to inspire healthy habits and give you the momentum to start up a regular fitness routine. Maybe after the first week you’ll feel like tackling one of our 20-minute workout videos or buy a few passes for group fitness classes. Or you might finally get up the courage to join that CrossFit box you’ve been thinking about. Who knows what a few minutes of fitness will inspire?

While doing a bunch of burpees and deadlifts each day won’t be life-changing or give your body composition a complete overhaul within a month, moving a little bit each day will shift your mindset. You will be reminded that you have this beautiful, capable body, and the best way to show how grateful you are for it is to use it! As you get stronger and come to love how energized and excited working out makes you feel, you’ll be inspired to do more to care for your health, both physically and mentally. Let’s do this!

30-Day Fitness Challenge

Equipment needed: jump rope (or just pretend!) and a pair of dumbbells (choose a weight based on your fitness level, between three and 20 pounds)

WEEK 1 Complete three rounds of:
20 seconds of the first move
Five to 10 reps of the remaining three moves
WEEK 2 Complete three rounds of:
30 seconds of the first move
10 to 15 reps of the remaining three moves
WEEK 3 Complete three rounds of:
45 seconds of the first move
15 to 20 reps of the remaining three moves
WEEK 4 Complete three rounds of:
60 seconds of the first move
25 to 30 reps of the remaining three moves

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Jump rope Burpees High knees Jump rope
Air squat Side skater Thrusters Sumo squat
Push-ups Triceps dip Deadlift with upright row Dolphin dive
Hip raise with leg extension V-sit Seated Russian twist Diamond sit-up

Friday Saturday Sunday
Squat Thrust High knees Burpees
Alternating forward lunges with biceps curl Jump squat Goblet squat
Overhead shoulder press Side plank with leg lift Wide biceps curl
Double crunch Elbow plank with knee tap Plank with row

Keep reading for details on how to do each move.

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