Damilola Dropped More Than 100 Pounds by Pairing a Low-Carb Diet With This Popular Plan


Sometimes it takes more than one traditional diet to really keep your weight loss going. Just ask 26-year-old Texan Damilola Soyebo. In three years, she’s lost about 130 pounds by combining a low-carb diet with intermittent fasting. On top of that, she also exercises pretty regularly and documents her meal inspiration and progress on Instagram. She relies heavily on her go-to low-carb foods: eggs, cheese, bacon, chicken, spinach, broccoli, and pecans. “I can make so many meals out of this combination. I love things that are quick and easy,” she told POPSUGAR.

And while she’s kicking ass on her weight-loss journey, she said she has about 30 more pounds she wants to lose for a very important reason. You can find out what it is, as well as more on her weight loss, when you keep reading.

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