I Did This 30-Day Flat-Belly Workout Plan — and Here’s Why You Should Too


I could stand to lose some belly fat. I wish it was as easy as just eating less or doing some crunches, but it’s never as easy to take weight off as it is to put it on. It takes a combination of hard work, eating right, and burning calories — but you already know all that.

What you may not realize is that to lose stubborn belly fat, you can’t just rely on doing a bunch of crunches. You have to work your entire body so that weight falls off everywhere, including your belly. That’s why I gave POPSUGAR’s 30 Days to a Flat Belly workout plan a try to kick-start my healthy journey.

With this workout plan, you’ll have 30 days of at-home workouts that are 30 minutes or less and work your body from head to toe. You can have unlimited access to the entire plan for just $9.99, and you can watch whatever videos tickle your fancy whenever you’d like — after you complete the recommended 30 days, that is!

I gave the entire 30-day plan a whirl — over the holidays, no less — to see if it would actually make a difference, and while I have a long way to go in losing belly fat, this was a great way to get started. Keep reading to see just how it went for me.

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