Lauren Underwood Wins House Race, Becomes First Black Woman to Win Her Illinois District




Lauren Underwood has officially won her congressional race, making her the first black woman to ever win Illinois’ 14th District. She defeated Republican candidate Randy Hultgren and previously defeated six white men in March in order to win the Democratic primary. (She was also the first woman to get a nomination from the Democratic Party in her district.)

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Underwood is a registered nurse and was previously a senior advisor in the Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama administration. She also racked up endorsements from EMILY’s List, with EMILY’s List President Stephane Schriock saying, “We need more people like Lauren in Congress.”

Back in March, Underwood told, “I’m a 31-year-old black woman. I am doubted in eight out of 10 conversations that I have. But here is what I have learned: you can see it on people’s faces when you exceed their expectations. Something switches, and they start to respect you. But what it means is with my team, we have to be excellent every day at everything that we do, because we are being underestimated and counted out, and we need to exceed expectations all the time.”

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