Priyanka Chopra Is Now Using Her Married Name on Instagram


Following the lead of the newly-Instagram-official Hailey Bieber, Priyanka Chopra has also changed her Instagram name now that her wedding to Nick Jonas is done. Chopra’s name on Insta is now Priyanka Chopra Jonas. But she went more the Kim Kardashian West route, keeping her handle as her maiden name @priyankachopra for now.



And on Twitter and Facebook, her profiles remain unchanged:





Chopra is back to work now and talked candidly about her and Jonas’s decision to delay their honeymoon in her first post-wedding interview today for India’s NDTV. “My work and Nick’s work are very important to us,” she started. She explained that she committed to yesterday’s Bumble event before she set her wedding date. “My commitments matter to me a lot. My word is my bond. And we had decided to do this a long time ago before anyone was getting married and so I stuck to my commitment.”

This December, she has a lot lined up, she said, so they haven’t picked out where they’re going yet on their eventual trip. “Right now, I have just work commitments this whole month with shooting and doing a lot of work with Bumble and a few other ad commitments that I have. And I don’t know. We still haven’t figured out where. I think it’s going to be a surprise though. I think that’s what my husband’s planning.”

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