These Are the Exercises 1 Trainer Swears by For Torching Stubborn Belly Fat


There may be nothing more stubborn than belly fat, but too often the way we go about tackling it is all wrong. While core strengthening exercises are key to sculpting your waist, experts agree that crunches and planks alone won’t burn the fat that keeps those muscles hidden. “Blasting belly fat takes effort from your whole body, not just core work,” said NASM-certified personal trainer Kendall Wood, MS, CSCS, co-author of Core Fitness Solution. In other words, you can’t reduce fat in your midsection without shedding it all over.

The best method for doing that, according to Kendall? “High-intensity training that hits all major muscle groups,” he told POPSUGAR. “This will get your heart pumping and fat melting, which is the only way to reveal a tight tummy.” With that in mind, here are five exercises Kendall suggests will work. “Do these moves until you can no longer perform a form-accurate rep, and rest for only 30 seconds between each one,” he said. You heard him — let’s go.

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