Vanessa Hudgens Plays Basically Her Own Twin in The Princess Switch


Let me get this straight. There’s a holiday rom-com coming out on Netflix that stars Vanessa Hudgens as a baker who enters a baking competition in a fake country called Belgravia, where she bumps into a duchess who is basically her TWIN? Excuse me, I have to call my family and tell them I can’t make it home for Christmas, because I will be watching The Princess Switch.

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The duchess is supposed to marry a prince on New Year’s Day but hates being in the spotlight. She just wants to be normal! Like the baker, whose very normal name is Stacy De Novo. More like Stacy De Normal! Obviously, they are going to have to switch places. It’s like Wife Swap meets The Parent Trap meets The Holiday. All my favorite things!Watch the trailer below to see Vanessa Hudgens talk to Vanessa Hudgens, and see Vanessa Hudgens burn toast and fall off a horse. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS.

The Princess Switch will start streaming on Netflix from November 16.

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