Walmart Has 45-Calorie Egg White Wraps, and Breakfast Burritos Will Never Be the Same


Say goodbye to regular ol’ wraps, because a new trend is sweeping the fitness space. Low-carb alternatives like wraps made entirely of cheese are becoming more popular, and Walmart’s egg white wraps are officially in the mix. Made by Crepini, the Egg White Thins can replace tortillas and sandwich wraps for lunch roll-ups, breakfast tacos, or quesadillas. Each one has just 45 calories and four grams of carbs, and there’s a little bit of protein, too (four grams).

For keto dieters, be sure to check your macros before eating these particular wraps; they are low-carb, but they do contain a flour mixture added to the egg whites. The regular Egg White Thins are made with wheat flour, and there’s a gluten-free version made with a combination of brown rice, sorghum, and millet flours. In addition to the plain wraps, Crepini has frozen egg white thins that are already rolled and stuffed with various ingredients like spinach and feta and four cheeses with marinara and basil. Yum!

There are clearly already a lot of fans of these creative slivers, and people are proving just how versatile they are. Check out all the Crepini options ahead, and look out for them on your next trip to Walmart.

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